First Blog

Posted by bcherney on January 19, 2009 under General | Be the First to Comment

Well, here is my first blog. I’ve had a personal website before myspace and facebook where even conceived. Since I’m a web developer it wasn’t too difficult to maintain a personal website to keep my friends and family in the loop as I go through my adventures. Then I finally signed up for Facebook after a couple friends suggested I get on there, better late than never. I love it. So easy to stay in touch with friends and family. So then I started thinking maybe I should move out of the stone-age and go with a blog for my personal site instead of updating everything manually. Being a technical director for an advertising firm during the day, I could see the benefits of using a blog/cms for some of our client projects. What better way to explore my options that to do it one myself. After some research and successful client installs and development, we’ve decided to use WordPress for smaller jobs and Drupal for those with more customizing and business orientated goals. I’m personally a Microsoft guy. I was contract Software developer in the corporate world for about 10 years with companies like Pillsbury, Medtronic, Conseco Finance and Ecolab. Love Microsoft. That doesn’t mean I can’t love open source .php, mysql, wordpress! Love Apple as well. I often get asked what is the difference between Microsoft and Apple. The response is enough for another blog. Coming soon…

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