JavaScript and HighSlide in WordPress

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Most developers have heard of WordPress and JavaScript. HighSlide on the other hand is not so popular based on the number of web sites both professional and personal that still use clunky out dated popup windows to display messages and images. HighSlide is a must JavaScript addon to most websites. There are not many tools that I find a way to use on a majority of my sites. This is one of them. HighSlide gives you the ability to smoothly display anything you want in a created pop window that is not seen as a popup window. (Spam blockers) Best of all it is free to try and for personal use.
Check out the site and examples at
Try opening several images and moving them around on the screen. Just hold the left mouse button. We have used this in meetings to show the different paths users can take to get to the clients product. Moving images in/out and rearanging directly on the screen. Sounds simple but if done correctly can be a great visual tool.
Here are a couple examples:
Text link Example:
View Image

A quick test of JavaScript and HighSlide on WP
Thumbnail Example:
Highslide JS

A quick test of JavaScript and HighSlide on WP

Website Examples:
My golf page (Ugly but it works) allows you to view the scorecards by clicking on the thumbnails. On the top I pull in a saved Google map in the HighSlide. This comes in handy on any site that would like to show it’s location without the user leaving the page or forcing them to see the large Google map on the current page using an embed.
Golf Page Example

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