Replacing the blinker relay switch on an Audi A6 2002

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My blinker relay switch went out on my Audi A6 2002. 85,000 miles. Decided to look online and see if it was something I could fix myself instead of paying the dealer around $150. Ended up being pretty easy to do. This sounds like a common problem so I decided to document in case anyone else needs to do the same. Please feel free to ask any questions or if you have a better way of doing it

4B0-941-509-K-B98 First – get the part. I just ordered it from a local parts store for around $80 dollars. You will need part number 4B0941509KB98

Update* You can try and fix your blinker relay first. See how here YouTube [Thanks to imapaintballa]

Next I put some masking tape along the face plate to protect it. Then lightly pried starting from lower right to lower left along the face place. Both the top and bottom of the plate each have three fasteners so move along the edge and don’t try to yank one side off…
Pry off face plate

Pry off face plate

Back of face plate

Back of face plate

You need to get the relay out of the socket. I used a pliers and a nail with a small flat head. I put the nail in the slot right above the relay. I don’t show this in the picture but while I was pulling out with the pliers I used my left hand finger to apply pressure downwards on the nail so it would stay firmly on the top edge of the relay. It popped out no problem with a good amount of force…
Pull out blinker relay

Pull out blinker relay

Pull out using some force

Pull out using some force

Next you replace the blinker relay switch. You will see in the back where to depress and pull the unit out. Slide the new unit back in. It has grooves so there is only one way to slide it in (The right way). Then push the entire unit back into the slot and it will snap back into place.

Remove old blinker relay

Remove old blinker relay

Insert pins

Insert pins

Put the face place back on. This was actually a little tricky. I ended up pushing it back on starting with the left side but giving it pressure right to left so it was snug in the corner. After a couple tries I got it into place.

Finished with face plate back on

Finished with face plate back on

Hope that helps. This took about 20 minutes. Would probably take about 10 the second time around. :) Good luck.
  • 02 allroad turn signal relay - Page 2 - Audi Forums said,

    [...] I have a couple pictures on my blog that might help as well. I used a flat head nail and pliers to remove the relay once you have the face plate off… Replacing the blinker relay switch on an Audi A6 2002t | [...]

  • Walter said,

    Sorry to put this here but there was an error on your Contact Me page.


    I saw that you were able to get your twitter status updated via classic ASP. I am kind of in the same boat.

    My site allows users to report about a cave dive; that report used to be updated to Twitter ( However, since REST is now longer allowed, I am stuck.

    Would you make your solution available? What would the cost be?

    Best Regards!

  • Ray Burchard said,

    Great article. The relay in my A6 is intermittent so it needs to be replaced.
    Now I know the P/N and how to replace the switch.

  • renato marquez said,

    hi there, am searching exactly for this advise as my audi’s turn signals just wont blink anymore.

    thank you and will try tomorrow.

  • Brian Cherney said,

    Glad I could help guys. let me know how it goes. Walter, I sent you an email and will fix my contact me page. Thanks for the heads up. Take care all.

  • Mike h said,

    Do you think this part will work for a 2001 A6?

  • Lars Vestergaard said,

    Thanks for the article. My Allroad turn signals stopped working for me. Ordered the part and will be installing it tomorrow. Sure beats paying the dealer, both for the part and the repair.

  • Brian Cherney said,

    Hey Mike, I’m not sure with the 2001. Does the dash looks the same? If so I would just pull it out and look at it… Hope you got it to work.

    Lars, good luck and I agree. :) Plus its fun working on your Audi when you can…

  • Jono Bartle said,

    Thanks Brian, great post. Having lost the indicators on my ’03 Allroad I thought it would be another expensive trip to the dealer. Googled the problem and found the Audi Forums and your posting. Took 3 minutes to remove fascia plate (no damage) and then 2 minutes to fit new part and replace fascia. GREAT JOB!

  • Gary V said,

    I don’t know about the Audis but my 2000 VW had a recall on the blinker relay. It might be worth it to call the stealership and see if they have anything open for your VIN. At least you could get your $80 back (corporate will usually reimburse you eventually if you still have your receipt).

  • Brian Cherney said,

    Thanks Gary, I didn’t even think of that. Sounds like it is a common issue. Anyone have a good site for vin recall lookups?

  • Hansi Blomberg said,

    Thank you!

    5 minutes to fix those anoying flaky turn signals that have been bothering me for weeks :-)

    Used a mobile phone case opening tool to remove the trim and just my fingers to pull out the relay.

  • Robert said,

    Thanks mate, this is big help, good man. Only the pics are wee bit too small. I’d like see larger ones so you can se all the details. Anyway, I do appreciate work you have done here.

    Thanks again.

    Take care

  • Richard Lian said,

    Thanks for the guide:)took me probably 4-5 minutes:)

  • Crystal Jones said,

    Thank you so much for this post! Find out the issue, made the fix and worked like a charm!

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