This blog has a couple different functions. First and foremost I have the worst memory in the world! I always find cool places, facts and code snippets that eventually get forgotten and are lost forever. So I have to re-learn or re-find what I have already done in the past. My life is seriously based on the movie Memento. One benefit has come from this downfall… I streamline everything I do. I have too. I get frustrated when I can’t find something on my servers. So every server I work with has the same file structure and naming convention. I park in the same spot every time I go to a mall. I have a 5 step process when I fill up for gas. I have given into the fact I will lose my phone,wallet and keys for days until they mysteriously show up in a room I don’t even recall being in.

A great example is a conversation I had with my good buddy Mark Bajema. I was assigned a project in my Ecolab days that needed to get completed ASAP. To my dismay, when I dug into the code there was already a custom built function that would handle it. I stepped through the code and was fairly impressed, so I naturally assumed Mark had built this particular function (To this day one of the best programmers I have ever worked with). When I asked him when, why and what other programs are using it he just gave me the head shake…which I was very familiar with. Mark then smiled and said “Cherney…. you built that three months ago for the tablet application.” Right…

The beauty of this “Gift” is I have become an expert at learning new technologies, coding languages, debugging code, etc… Mostly because I have to relearn so much of what I have already done that learning something new falls under the same category. [NEW] It’s all new to me. I have become very efficient due to all the practice.

So hopefully I can keep track of all my new adventures on and off the grid here at Blog.TheCherneys.com. Thanks for stopping by.