Iframes in WordPress

Posted by bcherney on January 19, 2009 under Nerd Herd | 5 Comments to Read

We have a client that is using a third party partner site to gather/show information. Unfortunately the only option is to use Iframes like they are currently doing which kills the clients SEO. Since WordPress removes iframe tags when posted you need to install a plug in to allow for Iframes.

Here are the steps we took to allow Iframes.

(There are several plugins you can use. We chose the one below. If you have any feedback on this plugin or others please feel free to post your comments.)
Version of this example 1.0 2008-11-17
Version of WordPress 2.7

1) Install “Embed Iframe” built by Deskera.

  1. Download EmbedIframe plugin
  2. Unzip
  3. Copy to your ‘/wp-content/plugins’ directory
  4. Activate plugin

2) Insert the iframe tag